Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week #1: Training results

Week #1 Training

The week didn't start in the best manner. Strong wind has made impossible to do any outdoor session. The workload has been very minimal with indoor crossfit training (mainly tuckjump, pushup and burpees). Outdoor sessions: only 3 short runs (5km/18min, 6km/22min, 5km/20min) and a pathetic swim (1.5km with cramps). Hopefully next week will be better. I am a bit worry about the 10km run at Albert Park - aiming with 40min is a big ask without training.

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  1. Mate, now this is a challenge, little bit harder than giving up drink for a while!!!! Sounds like you've set yourself a biggie, good luck buddy, I'll be following with interest. When I get a bit fitter, I'll come down and do a weekends training with you, might help you practise reviving someone who's collapsed..... ;-)