Thursday, May 5, 2011

So much for my recovery run

The coach planned to have a recovery run, only 9km, to run at a slow pace (@5m30s/km). Went out to the TAN and my legs were initially sore, and heavy. Obviously I have been working on weights and steps/stairs and while I am getting stronger, I am losing some flexibility and speed.

2km into the run I saw someone in front of me running at a good pace, in good style and I decided to follow him. As I was getting closer I realised his pace was increasing and it was obvious that he had finished his warm up and he was now pushing hard. Suddenly we were running at 3m48s/km, passing through hundreds of walkers, joggers and runners who daily meet at the TAN. As he saw me running beside me, he stepped it up a notch, and I decided to stick with him. We were now running at 3m32s/km. "So much for my recovery session" I thought while hanging in there and I knew already that the coach would have not been happy at all with me.

I must admit it felt good to run side by side at that pace. He stopped on top of Andersen Street, I was left with two more km to go and decided to run them at 4m30sec and by that stage, 4m30s seemed like a very slow and relaxing pace.

Today I'll run a 15% incline for 45minutes, possibly covering 1000m rise which is more than my normal day on Mustagata. I will also complete my usual routine on leg press, shoulder, lower back, chest press, push-ups, chin-ups and forearms. Total workout is about 1h45min, 2100kcal and lot of pain!

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