Thursday, May 26, 2011

33 days to go - Getting anxious

Training is progressing very well, I am basically ready. I have all the items required in my check list with exception of a few thick plastic bags and a compression sack. All the rest is already at home and ready to be packed. Here some pictures of the latest gear.

33 days from departure and I still don't have my VISA. The process of getting a VISA has been really interesting and I will book my 3rd appointment with Chinese officials. I must admit I begin to get a big anxious about the whole thing. I cannot say much more at this point in time - until I (hopefully) will get my VISA stamped on the passport. Will keep you posted!

Super warm Black Diamond mitts (-30C)

Liner for sleeping bag adding 11C

19mm ice screw (just in case)

New spare crampons

Tempered front point, for hard ice

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