Thursday, June 16, 2011

13 days to go - Mustagata, Xinjiang

13 days to go and counting: in the evening session of yesterday I climbed for 1h, raising 1890m, moving horizontally for 8km. Constant 8km/hours output on an incline of 24.9% average, average heart rate of 176bpm. The legs were shaking, I could barely stand, but nothing could take the grin off my face. It felt great not to give up to pain, to feel the muscle around the knee burning and yet hang in there for one more minute, one more km and then keep pushing even more. It feels good to train knowing that I can push myself harder than the 99.5% of people around me, not because I am physically stronger, not because I am better, but because I am mentally committed to what has become my mission of being ready for Everest in 2014. It is nice and exciting to feel inside that I am peaking now, both physically and mentally, less than two weeks from the trip. There is a feeling that I cannot describe in words, but it’s like everything is finally falling in the right place, at the right time, and make me feel like every drop of sweat was worth. I feel strong and most importantly, I feel happy.

Ultimately, the God of the Mountain will decide if I can summit, but I leave knowing that I have done everything I can to be ready to take that one chance to make it. 

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