Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Early April

The only time trial of the month has come and gone. It was a half decent result: considering I have lost at least 2 minutes for a little injury to my hamstring. The important news is that I am getting stronger and I am getting used to heavier training sessions. The hamstring injury is mild and will not keep me away from training for very long.

With the month of April I will commence swimming, and will be increasing the weight lifting and strengthening program for my upper body. It will be a difficult month of training and my body will need to step up and extra level to keep up with the new routine.

On more exciting news, I have had a live interview with a local radio and it was a case of “first time” for me. The objective was to promote my expedition to the local Italian community, and ask for financial support. However, I totally forgot to mention the need for financial support and ended up missing the point. A part from that it was good fun to be in an unscripted live interview from studio.

Finally I have completely sorted out the logistic of the expedition and what is left to do is to buy few little additional pieces of gear: the main items are all ready to be packed away and during the Easter break I will have a general inspection and ensure that everything is fully functional.

I am left with 5 months to go and quite frankly I wish my climb was much earlier, as I cannot wait any longer! Talk to you at the end of the month for further updates!

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