Monday, March 19, 2012

Mid March update

After a long time I am resuming updating this blog. It means a new adventure has started. I have been working hard to build a solid base, 33 days of solid training, 357km on the road, 5,200kg lifted, 15,203 steps climbed. I have now moved to the second phase of the preparation. In this second phase I increase the intensity, and try get stronger and faster.

Fatigue and muscle soreness are good companion of this trip, which is, most of the time, run on a very lonely road made of sacrifice, dedication and sometime set backs. I have not been able to complete my last training session, and today, in my rest day, I try to regroup, to refresh my body but most important my wounded spirit, to start faster and stronger than ever tomorrow morning, at 5:30am sharp.

If you want to climb big mountains, you need to be able to accept failure, to accept set back and find in yourself the energy not to give up, ever. I accept I will feel sore, I will feel sick, I will feel tired, and while I failed yesterday, tomorrow I will be back giving my best once again because this is the only way I will condition my mind and my body to the hard task of conquer the beautiful “Turquoise Goddess” as Cho Oyu is known by the locals.

I am aiming to post updates on a fortnightly base, but I leave asking you to think about the power of will and determination, and what you can achieve in life, in any field, if you only set your mind to it. Don’t let any task in life intimidate you, worry you, beat you. If you cannot complete it today, take a break, regroup, think about how you can improve and go back to challenge yourself once again.

Climbing a mountain is so much more than getting to the top of it. Climbing a mountain is a way of life.

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