Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week #4: working on sponsorship

With less than 7 weeks left before my mountaineering trip to NZ, I am focus on my material check list. By the next week I will send out the final list with the items I will rent from the Alpine Guides - which at this stage includes the climbing helmet (I will never buy one!!), a few spare descenders (belay devices) and the bivvy bag which I am definitively not going to buy as I am unsure if I will need it in the next trips. I should manage to keep the cost of new gears under the 2,000$.

Speaking of finances, I have made no progress and the Everest bank account (BANK: Westpac Account Name: Everest 2014 BSB: 033009 Account Number: 437250) is still at less than 400$. I have however contacted RedBull and The North Face sending them the high level plan and I am anxiously waiting for their replies. The Fans Page on Facebook is start getting some attention with the last week scoring 341 contacts up from the 31 contacts of 2 weeks ago. The target is to pass the 1,000 contacts and that will hopefully generate generate some media attention.

As for the physical preparation, I have been training for 6 hours this week - far from my dreamed 24 hours a week, but I as long as I keep increasing the training, I am happy. I know I have room to improve my routine and I will push harder as we approach the end of the year and we enter the crucial 5-6 months prior Muztgah Ata.

Finally, I will wrap up this week's update with a videoclip on what's expecting us 4 years from now. Awareness is not only important but it is the first skill that a good mountaineer need to develop.

The clip was taken on the Khumbu Icefall, simple passage between Base Camp and Camp 1 (about 5,500m)

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