Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week #5: Working on the sponsorship deal

I have spent the last week preparing a solid sponsorship proposal for RedBull and setting up the template that I can apply to other possible sponsors. Taking on lot of advices and suggestions from the guys from the FB Fan page, I have finalised a list of prospects and over the next couple weeks I will push even harder on this front and try to close a few good deals. Thank you so much for your great support and ideas!

As for the training, I keep increasing my leg strength by doing squats (over 750kg per series). Cramps are still a problem, especially during my swimming sessions and I am told that a bit of electrolytes and a pinch of salt could help. I will test the theory next Friday, on my morning swim. I am increasing my stamina, running at 3min40s/km over 12km and finally I have worked at the horizontal bar on pull ups where I still struggle a lot. The pain on my upper body is present after each session, but the recovery is getting faster indicating I am getting stronger.

I am also finalising the logistic details for my AMT (Advanced Mountaineering Training) in NZ. The only problem is that I thought it was only two weeks away (09/10) when the trip it's really a bit less than six weeks away (10/09). I guess I was just too keen to get over there and earn my strips. On the bright side, this mean I still have some extra week to get mentally and physically ready for it!

Thank you for following me in this amazing adventure. This is just the beginning - stay tuned!

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