Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week #7: Still struggling with the sponsors

This week has been tough. I am struggling to get some traction in term of sponsorship and support. Coca Cola and Westpac have rejected the proposal, stating that they have already allocate the funding for the year and that I need to try again next year. I have quickly workout that most of the major company allocate sponsorships on a year by year base, which clash with my 4 years program of work. On the exciting side, the deal with Toyota and RedBull are still progressing and hopefully they will produce positive results.

I have also has email exchange with a climber who made it to Everest and back asking to validate my plan and she suggested a few changes. To include Aconcagua to the list and to remove either Cho Oyu or Shishapangma as they are very similar in term of physical and mental preparation. I think I will take her suggestion on board and, interestingly enough, that could cut the timing to get to Everest of one year (!!!).
Some replanning will occur the last week of October, when I will be in NZ with my climbing partner.

Finally I have spent about 1,200AUD in new gears, buying a new jacket and new ski mask and balaclava! I will publish some pictures soon!

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