Tuesday, April 19, 2011

71 days to departure

The result from the "Run for the Kids" was encouraging (http://tiktok.biz/runforthekids/2011/03874).
I know I will not run up to Mustagata but a general fitness level is good to support my objective of climbing the mountain. 10 weeks from departure is time to step up the preparation. My trainer has prepared a series of hard session to strengthen my shoulder and the muscles on my back and arms so that I will be able to swing my ice axe for hours. This morning we started at 5.30am and my body didn't want to kick into 1st gear. Hopefully the night session will be better. Hopefully I will still be able to lift my arms tomorrow morning. I know it may sound insane, but I am happy to put myself through the pain, if this is what it takes to get up that Mustagata and continue to chase the dream of climbing Everest by 2014.

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