Thursday, April 14, 2011

The week before the trial run

The week before a race is always a bit different. I am not training and I sit here wondering if I have done enough to prepare my body for 60 minutes of pleasure (pleasure??). There is always the temptation to go out for an extra run, and I am almost forcing myself not to let it happen.

Sunday, on race day, I will hit the road and in within few kms I will know if I am having a good day or not. The more you push your body and the more you are likely to get to the point where you want to stop. That’s when I will dig dip into my mind, thinking about all the mornings that I woke up early to train, in the cold, with the rain, thinking about the reasons why I am running in the first place, and in particular I will be thinking about that reason called Mustagata which is only 76 days away. Up there, you cannot just give up when it gets hard and painful and I need to have the same attitude on Sunday. The result of this run is important to give me the confidence that I have reached a good fitness level, which allows me to move to the next stage of my training. With Monday I will start training on weights, on improving the strength of my upper body, back and shoulders in particular. I have scheduled a meeting with my trainer and hopefully he’ll target my preparation so that my peak will by early July.

The Gods of the mountain will decide if I am allowed to climb her, but I must do everything I can to be sure that I am ready for when the moment will come.

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