Friday, April 8, 2011

81 days to Mustagata

There is something magic about running at night along the Yarra river. During the day the road is busy of cyclists, commuters, runners and walkers but at night, everything is much more quiet. The lights of the city reflect on the water, and running on the floating platform along the river becomes magic. I find myself clocking 16.8km/h, and as the breathing gets harder my mind fly away, thousends miles away to Mustagata. The pain is numbing and after 18km the body start questioning the brain about how much longer it is supposed to work hard. But the brain is not responsing, it is still up there, somewhere between camp 3 and the summit, with the snow reaching the knees, with no more strength left, with the body cramping. That's when stopping is not an option because in the cold wind at 7,000m stopping mean serious consequences, sometime it could mean the end of the journey. And so that's when you put your head down and push even harder so that the pain will last for less, this is when you dig into your memories, thinking about how much time and effort you have put into the trip, thinking about all the days you woke up at 5am, in the cold, with the rain, with the body hurting and kept going, you think about all the people who believe in you and support you back home. One step at the time, hang in there one more minute and then one more again....

Suddenly, the view of Eureka tower indicates that the city is close. It's 6.58am, the sun is rising. The city is only 4km away. The stretch home is always so sweet if you have been able to complete your workout. A smile slowly materialise on my face because I know I am now one step closer to the summit, one day closer to the departure. Mustagata, I am ready, 81 days to go.

In case you wonder, let me spell it out for you: every single drop of sweat is worth because this is not simply about a man climbing a mountain, but it is about chasing a dream and make it come true, it is about the pursuit of happiness.

See you folks!

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